Capturing Australia with your phone

Capturing Australia with your phone

Capturing images, or recordings have a huge benefit to us, it sometimes serves as security cameras at our home, the LG never fails us to gives an enhanced clarity just right when we have CCTVs, their smart TV that can be connected to our phones gives us an immediate view of our house wherever we are. Even on our road trips, we can use dashcam, it tracks activity and is useful as surveillance when it comes to possible accidents or anything that might be at risk that should be watching out for.

Taking pictures was our way of collecting memories for our trips, we like to take pictures because we cherish those memories and we don’t just keep it in our hearts but photographs serves as souvenirs of our adventures. Not every one of us can afford cameras, DSLR, and etc. but these mobile devices can also give us a high-quality image.

Australia has many wonderful destinations, one of the top must-visit places in the City of Melbourne especially if you’re into bars, restaurants and museums with a deem light or extremely dark at all. Sony Xperia is the right phone when it comes to taking pictures at dark, unlike any other devices it is not grainy and has a good audio recording too. Perfect for a girls’ night out at the city.

Sydney’s harbour was considered one of the best in the world, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge was on the most visited in the area, panorama shots were excellent when it comes to capturing a wide range of view. Apple iPhone can give you a guide on its panorama shot option so it won’t result to a crooked or distorted capture, iPhone also grabs the title as best camera phone because of being versatile and perfect for everyday snaps.

And lastly, Samsung Galaxy S7 will not disappoint us not just for its camera quality but also in its popular long battery life perfect for our daily errands, it is ideal for capturing portraits in daylight when roaming around parks or even cafeterias.

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